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Rachel Kramer Bussel

sex, books, pop culture, feminism

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a freelance writer focusing on sex, dating, books, pop culture, feminism, body image and hoarding. rachelkramerbussel at gmail.com

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9 Graphic Memoirs By Women

The first graphic memoir I ever read was Pulitzer Prize winner Maus by Art Spiegelman, about his father’s experience as a Holocaust survivor. Since then, the genre has exploded,...

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9 Memoirs About Not Having Sex

Is not having sex the new having sex? These memoirs explore the intricacies of abstaining, by choice and otherwise. ...

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‘Hyperbole and a Half’ by Allie Brosh

Brosh has an ardently devoted following of her blog Hyperbole and a Half, and the stories here, some of which are reprinted from the blog, follow the same form. She’ll jump from dogs to depression,...

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New App Nenshou! For Girls Shames Women Into Losing Weight

Sticking to a workout regimen is hard. I should know — I’ve been trying to drag myself to the gym at my college for the past two years. I can count on my fingers how often I’ve been successful. But...

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Rachel Kramer Bussel | Bustle

Rachel Kramer Bussel writes widely about sex, dating, books, hoarding, and pop culture. She has edited over 50 anthologies, including The Big Book of ......

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Randi Zuckerberg's 'Dot Complicated': A Little Tech, a Little Personal

In her Silicon Valley memoir/tech etiquette advice tome Dot Complicated: Untangled Our Wired Lives (HarperOne), Randi Zuckerberg both exalts technology and cautions against its ubiquity. Sharing its...